According to Garnter, 91% of HR Leaders Are Concerned About Employee Turnover in 2021.

Gartner recommends business leaders to align flexibility to employee and work needs.

Ever since the pandemic, working remotely became inevitable. So, business owners has no way but to adopt a digital workplace.

In this article, we will propose steps you can take to improve the workplace. Through digital transformation and business process automation you can lower your employee turnover. Thus save time and money on recruitment.

Let’s get started.

1- Human Resources department digitization

Firstly, from the point where HR a-boards an employee, all should be digital

Provide a self services portal for the new & old employees. Enable them to check the organization chart. Learn about other departments, peers, and roles.

View contact list to reach anyone in the organization.

Enable new hires to view their application status.

View vacation balance and avail it to apply online.

View payroll and incentives to include future and historical data.

Performance management procedures: align your company’s strategy to suit each role. Then, set clear goals for every employee. Make sure to focus on enhancing your employees’ skills, and provide rewards. Finally, automate this process to drive employee engagement and feedback through a digital platform. You could also pre-schedule check-ins with subordinates to ensure accountability.

2- Mobility

Provide cloud storage tools to access the latest data from different devices.

Use a CRM software to record every step of the interaction with consumers. Enable the CRM to gather customer data from many channels. Notice that a good CRM tool lets you: store information on sale history, personal info, and purchasing behavior patterns.

Automate process approvals. That way, employees won’t need to chase each other on the phone or e-mail to keep work moving.

3- Process Guidelines

Document each process in your organization on the company’s portal. That way, it is clear for old and new hires how things operate.

Use visual drawings to trace each process.

4- SLA between Departments

Set clear SLAs between departments for each request. Once an employee fires a request online, the internal tools send automatic reminders.

Final word on Employee Turnover

So here’s the thing…

You want to lower your employee turnover? Then, integrate your tools. Nobody likes to work in silos.

Employees will resist change, but if it makes their life easier they will embrace it.

Beezr provides a unified platform for the workspace to empower both the employer and employees.

For companies: build custom applications to fit their business.

For managers: set workflows to automate, model and track their operations.

For employees: collaborate, feedback, and update their work.

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