Convert your Excel sheets into a custom application

Import your spreadsheet into Beezr. Sheet to App tool will transform it into a cloud application in 4 steps only..

Excel was good, but now you need better

A spreadsheet is always a great place to start organizing your data. Yet, as you grow and more members join your team it becomes quite challenging. You need to manage your data in an error free, controlled and automated fashion.

Build Customized solutions with flexibility

Developing a custom solution is a risky, costly and long process. All businesses dreaded it. With Beezr we make it simple, fast, and cost effective. It is flexible and agile to match your business changing needs.

Enterprise level automation

The term business automation and process management ties with big corporations. With the rise of low-code and no-code technologies like Beezr, you can start automating your processes in minutes.

Adaptive to Change

Business process are never set in stone, they change with the market. We empower you to experiment new ideas and innovations to keep you ahead of your competition.

Upgrade your operations from spreadsheets

Drag and Drop designer

Bring your ideas to life using our builders in no time. 

Secure Access

Protect your data and control who sees what.

Automate Business

Automatically trigger activities and schedule workflows.

Structured data

Ensure your data is connected and your team can access the data they need.

Work anywhere

Always connected and accessed from any device. Making sure your business can run from anywhere.

Generate Documents

Automate your business documentation with templates like contracts, pay slips or sales orders.

Convert all your spreadsheets to a web application.

Ready to go digital?

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Automate & Simplify Business Tasks With Beezr’s No-Code Platform.

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