Analytics and Reporting

Extract the insights that matter, build meaningful dashboards

Beezr is your all-in-one business database, connecting every transaction and relationship. Get a complete, real-time view of your operations at a glance.

Create custom reports to visualize your data and make smart, informed decisions for your business. See everything that's happening and steer your business with confidence!

Hyper Visibility

Build the dashboards that empowers your team

Have insight on your operational state in real-time, build dynamic dashboards that match each user needs and visualize your data to unlock new information.

Powerful Report Builder

Never Settle on your reporting needs, build the reports you need

Our report builder gives you the ability to capture the information you need, the way you want it. Whether you are a beginner or a SQL power user.

  • Tabular Reporting Build detailed reports about your data, mix different modules together and summarize columns.
  • Graphical Reporting Build beautiful graphical reports with a click of a button. Switch between graphs to find the right one for your report.
  • Advanced Features Are you an SQL expert? add custom queries and functions to your report to extract the information you need.
  • Export Export your reports in Excel, PDF, CSV or even a custom layout that you design.
Dashboard Designer

Build meaningful Dashboards that provide value to your team

Customize how each user, role or department see their data. Give them the dashboard that allows them to take data driven decisions.

  • Multiple Dashboards Build different dashboards for different roles and access rights to provide an impactful value.
  • Flexible Designer Our simple drag-and-drop designer allows you to customize how you want the dashboard to look like.
Launch with ease

Start analyzing your business, become data-driven

Grow your business, understand your operations and fix any bottlenecks with hyper focused data reporting