Build applications that speaks to your business needs

To have proper insights about your business, you must have proper data.

In order to have proper data, your team needs the tools that they feel comfortable using everyday.

Tools that mirrors how they actually operate and not some standard that doesn't fit them.

Dynamic Forms

Capture data like a boss, never have messed up data again

Bad data entry and capture is one of the biggest issues businesses face, bad data means inaccurate reporting. Dynamic Forms allows you to capture the right information everytime.

Powerful Form Designer

However complex your data is, we've got you covered

Building forms is easy with our drag-and-drop form designer. Whether your form needs are simple data fields, complex structures or nested forms. You can design it in Beezr.

  • Auto Linking Beezr understands your data relations, and it automatically reflects in the form.
  • Conditional Rules View or enable fields and blocks based on the user data entry in real time.
  • Advanced Components Add dynamic components like buttons, tables and text in your form to capture complex data.
  • Public Forms Need to share the form with external users? You can publish the form and customize it with your branding. Now you can implement your workflows from anywhere.
Smart Views

Access all the information you need from one single view

No more time wasted jumping from one screen to another to find the information you need. Smart views gives you a customizable screen with all the information you need on any record.

  • 360 View Based on your data relationships, the smart view will show all the related records organized in one place.
  • Notes Add notes on your records for your team members and to keep track of important information.
  • Attachments Upload and organize all the files, media and images for each record in one place.
  • Custom Features Add custom functionality and workflows right within the smart view to increase your productivity.
Data views

Customize how you want to view your data

Information shouldn't be presented in the same way, dataviews gives you the power to customize how you want to see your data.

  • Different views to choose Enable and configure the view the fits your data, choose from tabular, Kanban, spreadsheet, calendar, card & list.
  • Toggle Views Why commit on just one view? you can enable multiple views and switch between them for different perspectives.
  • Conditional Formatting Change colors or highlight fields based on the data values to showcase important flags.

Automate approval cycles and never miss a task again

Workflows that require human intervention can cause bottle-necks in your business. Beezr enables you to automate your approval cycles however complicated and multi-leveled they are.

Launch with ease

Build the software that grows your business now

Experience the ease of automation, the power of no-code, and the impact of analytics. Your journey begins now!