Workflow Automation

End redundancy, work better, faster.

Automation is key to business success. Get more done in less time with less effort.

Harness the power of automation to enhance your workflows, boost operational efficiency, and increase team productivity. Start building smarter workflows today and watch your business grow!

Beezr Flow

Automate any workflow, no matter how custom.

Put your business on auto-pilot, visually design your operational logic and make it come to life in seconds.

Event driven workflows that power your business

Create customized logic that runs automatically when an event occurs in your operation. These can be whenever a new record is created, updated or deleted.

  • Powerful building blocks Our designer comes with a suite of building blocks that allows you to build even the most complex logic.
  • Triggers Choose when you want the workflow to run, attach your workflow to creation, update, delete or even buttons.
  • Scheduled Workflows Configure your workflow with cron expressions, make it run on certain days of certain months.

Integrate with the applications you love and use

We believe in the power of having an ecosystem, so we play well with others. Integrate Beezr seamlessly with your existing applications with minimal configuration.

  • Zapier Integration Seamlessly integrate your Beezr account with 7,000+ applications with Zapier.
  • Webhooks Export any workflow as a webhook and integrate with e-commerce platforms or even custom apps.
  • APIs Call any API from within your workflow to read or write in external systems. You can also use our APIs.
Launch with ease

Automate your business and increase your teams efficiency

keep your processes in check, have a predictable outcome for each workflow and have ease of mind.