Access and Security

Secure access to your information

Your data is the true asset of your business.

Gain full control and visibility on how business records accessed and managed.

With our enterprise-grade access control management you can have the peace of mind that your data is always safe.

Access Control

Safe Guard your data from unauthorized access

Data security is one of the core success pillars in your digital world. Have the flexibility to control how your organization users access and interact with your data.

Permission Profiles

Create permission profiles and control access behavior

Our permission and access rules engine gives you granular control on how you define the access rights for every part of your application and every field in your data.

  • Application Access Beezr allows you to have multiple applications, control who has access to which app.
  • Module Access Control access rights to data modules. Whether they can view, create, edit, update or delete.
  • Field Control Have control on how users interact with the fields under each module. Whether they can see it or can edit it.
  • Record Level Security Enable visibility rules based on the data values itself. For example, some users can only see premium customers.
User Roles

Group your users into roles and keep it dynamic

Create and add users to roles, making it simple to add or remove users from a specific permission profile. Use the roles to mirror your organizational structure.

  • Manage Roles Create different roles for each function in your business. Add one or more users on each role as you need.
  • Organization Chart Visually design your team hierarchy, map it to your roles and keep the information flow secure.
Launch with ease

Secure your business data and have ease of mind

Grow your team while keeping your business secure