How does it work

Beezr Platform overview

Beezr makes software building easy for everyone. Now, you can create custom solutions that perfectly fit your business—no coding needed!

Whether you're in retail, healthcare, or any other industry, turn your ideas into reality with our user-friendly platform.

Start building today and see how simple and fun app development can be!

Intuitive Designer

Simple Experience, Allowing you to build solutions faster and better

We broke down the core principles of software development into small blocks. Giving you the freedom to build any solution you want with the power of configuration & drag-and-drop.

Step 1: Define

Your business is Unique, don't settle

Realize your idea in the fastest way and without a single line of code written with tools and builders. Need help with that? 

Our team of consultants will help set you up.

  • Business Fields With over 20 field types, from text to signature, you have the flexibility to define how your data should be captured.
  • Relations Have the power to link different modules together in a way that makes sense to you, no matter how complex it is.
  • Access Profiles Control the permissions of different users on different levels: applications, modules, fields and even records.
  • Smart Scripting (Beezl) Build complex computations, build your own functions and bring your innovation beyond the existing components.
Step 2: Design

Design how users your team interacts with the business data

Beezr helps you design the look and feel that best fit you and your team.

  • Dynamic Forms Allows you to build any form to better capture data from your operation.
  • Smart Views Groups all related transactions in a single view to have all the information in one place.
  • Data Views Control how you want to view your data; it can be tabular, spreadsheet, calendar, list and more.
Step 3: Automate

Automate your workflows, reduce errors and maximize productivity

Now that you have your application completed, we help you bring it to life.

Using our Flow technology, you can create any process your business need.

  • Automated Actions Configure automated actions on events such as when a new record is created, updated or deleted.
  • Adhoc Actions Add your logic behind a user action, such as clicking a button for a specific business case.
  • Webhooks Integrate with any external applications with a single click, export any workflow as a webhook and integrate with popular tools like Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Approvals Streamline your approval cycles however complex they are. Provide the SLA your customers will love.
Launch with ease

Seize the opportunity – empower your business

Experience the ease of automation, the power of analytics, and the impact of seamless integration. Your journey begins now!