A Startup Incubator Takes Legal Requests to the Next Level with Beezr.

In this case study, you’ll learn how Beezr implements a workflow automation solution for a UAE-based Startup Incubator to automate Legal requests using no-code.


The Incubator is constantly seeking ways to provide better experiences and perks for its companies. Its latest addition to those benefits is the automation of its legal request management system. With the help of Beezr, the Incubator was able to build a flexible and adaptable system that streamlines the process of requesting legal services from their partnership with a law firm. Ultimately, the system aims to provide a better customer experience, management, and visibility over the process.


The problem the Incubator faced was the need to expand its internal automation management system to handle the following:

  1. The startups’ requests for legal services.
  2. Automating the process between different parties.
  3. Receive the legal services in an autonomous manner.
  4. Track each request status.


Beezr was tasked with developing a Legal Request Management System for the Incubator that would automate and streamline the entire process of startup requests. 

Initially, we like to start by drawing the workflow, which is broken down into four steps as follows:

Streamlining Legal Requests:  Startup Incubator Implements Innovative Solution with Beezr

Step 1 – Legal Requests

Firstly, Beezr will provide a user-friendly form for the startup to submit their legal requests, populated with the startup information already stored in the system.

The form will ask the startup to choose the company they are part of. The information will be populated based on the company information already stored in the system.

The form will contain any other details required by request.

Step 2 – Request Payment

Once the startup submits the request, it will receive an automated email with a payment link. 

At the same time, Beezr will create a new record with the “Pending Payment” status.

Step 3 – Payment Validation

An Incubator employee will validate the payment, and once approved, the request will be sent to the Law firm. 

The Incubator employee will go to the validated request and click the custom button “Send to Law Firm.”

The legal request status will be updated to “With Law Firm.”

An email notification will be sent to the law firm and the Incubator’s Finance team.

Step 4 – Legal Service Issuance

The Law firm will receive a notification email and a link to upload the issued policy, which will be personalized to the startup. 

Once the policy is uploaded, a new record will be created in the legal services module with the services found in the attachments tab for reference.

Finally, the Incubator leasing team and the startup will receive a final notification email with the attached legal service, and the legal request status will be updated to “Completed.”

Final word

To sum up, the Legal Request Management System provides several benefits for the Incubator and its companies, including an automated and streamlined process, improved customer experience, better management and visibility over the process, and reduced manual effort and errors.

Moreover, this workflow can be applied to different processes, including third-party services such as insurance policies and IT equipment management.

If you’re interested in learning more about how this solution can help streamline your third-party request process, reach out to us today! Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through implementing a similar solution for your organization. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your operations to the next level – contact us now!