CRM & Sales Management

Manage your customer relations and sales operations all within a centralized solution.

Templates – CRM

Contact Management

  • Log and track customer interactions with your brand.
  • Automate activities for prospects to schedule follow-ups.
  • Advanced search and filter features to view leads.
  • Centralized view of each contact to view associated deals.

Deal Management

  • Log sales transactions easily from one interface.
  • Integrate inventory with sales to deduct item count.
  • Integrate project management with service sales.
  • Automatically generate sales orders based on templates.

Real-time Analytics & Dashboard

  • Display sales activities & deal status.
  • Find insights about engagement patterns.
  • Show team targets and deal conversion ratio.

Invoice Management

  • Automate invoice generation.
  • Track payment status and enable partial payments.
  • Automatically close invoice once payment is complete.

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