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Beezr – V2

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10x the speed, 5x the productivity and the flexibility your business needs

The Flexibility of a Custom Solution

Your business is unique, and some of your operations need a unique solution. Beezr offers you the ability to build your unique idea without the risks of long delivery timelines and expensive bills. Create scalable and flexible solutions in days and change them in minutes. 

The Stability of a Product

The Beezr platform updates weekly with new features, fixes, and optimizations. Great products are stable and have a clear roadmap for the future. Rest assured that your technology partner will continuously grow as you grow.

The Simplicity of a Spreadsheet

Too many options on a screen can confuse your team and lower productivity. That’s why everyone loves spreadsheets! Even though there are hundreds of features, you only see what you need. We built a simple and intuitive interface where you can customize the features yourself.

Beezr gives you Simple and powerful tools to manage your operations

Connect your data and automate your workflows. Give your team the tools that will help them grow the business. Adapt to challenges and opportunities by adding changes to your systems with zero downtime and lighting speed.

Create the right tool

Beezr – V2

Create solutions that match your business with an interface your team will love.


There are no bells and whistles to confuse users; we provide clear views and actions to get the job done.


You don’t have to settle for a product that meets some of your requirements; we help you build exactly what you need.


Create different views, access rights, and dashboards depending on the user logging in.

Automate your workflows

Beezr – V2

Automating your workflows and operation processes can significantly affect your business. 

Reduce Costs:

Automation will help cut down on redundant tasks, and time means money.

Increase Productivity:

You and your team can focus on the activities that matter to grow the business.

Streamlined Approvals:

Make approval cycles seamless and easy, and never be late again.

Transform your Spreadsheets

Beezr – V2

Spreadsheets are a great tool to manage your operation. However, it’s not the best solution when your business is growing.


Make sure your data is secure and how users can access it.


Create an environment where your team can work together seamlessly.


Have the capability to grow and scale your technology as fast as your business grows.

Business Inspired Features

More than 20 field types

Field types are the first step to organizing your data in a structured way.

With more the 20 different field types, you can capture your data in the proper format each time.

No more rubbish data for you.

Beezr – V2

Easy File Management

Teams have to toggle between systems and local folders to manage business records in most cases.

Beezr provides you with the freedom to do all your work from one place.

You can attach all of the files and documentation as part of the record, removing the friction of collaboration and allowing you to find the information you need when you need it.

Beezr – V2

Generate all your documents with a click of a button

No more time wasted filling out contracts, invoices, purchase orders, or any other document your business needs.

With Beezr’s powerful and dynamic document generator, you can add a template, and it will generate the correct details every time.

Beezr – V2

Present your data in a meaningful way

Not all data should be presented in the same way; they lose some of their actual value and could lower the productivity of the information users.

Beezr gives you the capability to represent your information in the best way possible.

It can be a tabular, calendar, kanban, or even a spreadsheet view.

This way, you can have the proper visibility and take quick action.

Beezr – V2

All the details in one screen

According to recent studies, an employee wastes 19.8% of their time searching for information that can help them do their job, which means they lose about one day per working week for nothing!

With Beezr’s “smart view,” you’ll have all the information automatically linked and filtered in front of you without even searching for it. You can even increase productivity by adding custom functions that’ll help your team get the job done without going anywhere else.

Beezr – V2

Create your own features

Everyone has excellent features, but sometimes you have a unique way of doing things, which makes your operations successful.

With BEEZL (Beezr custom function language), you can create any function you need with a few lines of code. We want you to make Beezr feel like it was built especially for you.

Beezr – V2

Clean and Clear Data Entry

Wrong and missing data will only hurt your business, while complicated forms will lower your team’s productivity.

Beezr dynamic forms help you build the forms you need in a modern and straightforward way using drag and drop.

Our palette of smart components will help your users fill information faster and more meaningful.

Most importantly, you can always add validation and complex business rules to ensure you always have the correct information.

Beezr – V2

Simple and Powerful Task Management

Have your tasks, approval requests, and clarifications all in one inbox.

Keep in the loop on outstanding tasks and send reminders whenever needed.

Beezr – V2

Enterprise Grade Security

Have complete control over how users access and use your data.

Define roles and permissions and visualize your organizational chart.

Configure which roles should have access (edit, view, or delete) to what data. You can add your access rights on entire data types, specific fields, or even based on data values.

Beezr – V2
Beezr – V2

Integrate with your favorite applications

Beezr plays well with others and extends the capabilities of your existing applications with our integration adaptors. Our adaptor catalog is constantly growing to support all the tools you use and love.

What can you build with Beezr?

The sky is your limit! Beezr gives you all the tools to build any internal application and automate any workflow, whatever the complexity. Create different applications and integrate them seamlessly with a click of a button.

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Beezr – V2

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