Whether you are a landlord who owns a personal rental or a property manager supervising many units, it is pretty challenging to oversee every aspect of property management.

In this post, we will explore the different processes in the real estate rental business. In parallel, we will showcase how Beezr can digitally transform this business to run smoothly.

1 Clean Record Keeping

Types of records

There are several types of data when it comes to property business. Data include units, landlords, guests, bookings, maintenance, utilities, complaints, and customer requests. So, properly keeping track of all these records is the key to cost management, customer satisfaction, and even marketing.

Why is it important to keep clean records?

Proper record-keeping will allow you and your team to serve customers better since the structure of all the information is right in front of you. Without the hassle of a spreadsheet, you will have easy access to view your tenants’ & landlords’ information, unit availability, etc.

What is the best way to keep digital track of records?

With Beezr’s intuitive interface, you can create a standard for record addition. Then define the relation with other record types. For instance, the relation between bookings and units will show which areas are more in-demand than others. Even more, you can share performance reports with the landlords.

2 Automate Your Operations

For booking, there are several operations. Like collecting security deposits, rent collection, check-in/ check-out, and extension requests. For each operation, record updates are specific. So when you create a new record, a notification will go to a specific team.

There is a risk of human error when manual work takes place like skipping steps. So, your business will be hurt as the reports will be inaccurate. Then customer satisfaction will drop.

The solution is to automate where possible.

To automate your operations, we first identify all the steps in each process. Then we use Beezr visual flow to draw your process, and that’s it. This will allow you to standardize your workflows, measure them, and continuously optimize them.

Which tasks in a property management system need automation?

  1. Updating the check-out date of the booking with the proper duration.
  2. Creating the bill cycles under the extended period.
  3. Changing the billing schedule.
  4. Sending a confirmation email to the customer.

This example can change over time with new requirements arising. The best part is; even after launching your app with Beezr, you can always add or edit existing workflows. So you will always be ahead of the competition without worrying about software development time.

3 Generate Your Documents

Another activity that takes a big chunk of time and effort is document generation. If not automated, documents like contracts and receipts can waste a lot of time and are prone to errors.

Beezr templates help you make that task autonomous. You upload the template in Microsoft Word and add the placeholders for your data. Then, you can automate data gathering and calculations within. To keep safe and track, you can save your document as an attachment to your original record. Then download and share it with your customer or stakeholder at any time.

4 Get Reports & Insights to manage each property

With all your data structured properly, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge about your business. Create reports that give you insights into your operations and the market. Use these reports to optimize your operations and feed your marketing with trends.

Real-time dashboards show you the state of your business at any moment. You can add alerts when certain events happen. Then take immediate action without wasting time.

Final words…

Beezr helped property managers take control of their operations and enhance teams’ productivity. We removed redundant tasks with automation and enabled work-from-anywhere. Check out our template here.

Start your digital journey with us by dropping us a message here. We’d love to explore how we can make your business operate more smoothly.