What is Beezr?


Beezr is a web application platform that enables you to build highly customizable data-driven web apps to manage your business.

All without using a single line of code.

Too technical, right? Let’s break down exactly what we do.

Making it easy

Traditionally, to build a web application, you’d need to design the database, code the interface, host the data and ensure everything works together.

At Beezr, we have broken down the process into blocks with a simple interface, building your application like Lego. Thus adding new features and changes become an hour task.

Highly Customizable

Today’s internet offers more and more solutions for virtually every niche possible. Yet you will still struggle to find that perfect match for your requirements.

When you build your app, you can match it to your requirements rather than fit it into someone else’s solution.

What can Beezr do for your business?

Design exactly how your data should look.
Customize your user experience.
Automate your operations.

Business Process Automation

Briefly, business process automation links activities to fulfill a specific task with minor human intervention.

Automating repetitive tasks will reduce human error risk and save time, money, and effort. 

Beezr Flow

Our visual designer lets you model your process and build the most complex workflow.

For example

Here’s what can happen with Beezr flow when you draw a process for every “new purchase order.”

When you receive a new PO, your inventory is updated, a delivery request is created, then a notification e-mail is sent to your customer.

Such processes can be visualized and processed through Beezr flow.

User Friendly

We know that software can sometimes be a complicated experience. That’s why we made sure that Beezr adopts a simple user journey that takes you a maximum of 3 clicks to reach any data record you need.

Smart views 

Smart views show you each record in a 360 view. You will see all the related transactions on one screen. As a result, you reduce the time to search and navigate the application.

That’s just the start.

We have a great road map to capitalize on the future of web applications.

Contact us now to start your digital transformation journey.