Property Management

Streamline your property rentals' business operations with a comprehensive solution.

Templates – Property Management

Tenant & Lease Tracking

  • Store information of tenants, landlords, & lease documents.
  • Track utilities, maintenance, & customer requests.
  • Show units booking and rent due date.
  • Manage accounts payable and rent tracking.

Document Generation

  • Generate landlords agreements.
  • Generate tenancy contracts.
  • Generate payment receipts.

Operations Automation

  • Handle check-in and check out process.
  • Set new bill cycle and extension requests.
  • Send notifications to tenants for rent renewal.

Real-time Analytics & Dashboard

  • Extract performance reports to share with landlords.
  • Track vacant units, rent collections, & overdue payments.

Use case for Property Management System

For our Vacation Home Rentals client, we explain in action how data management, workflow automation, and reporting were applied for their business.

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